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Ashleigh and Mikey – Raleigh, NC Engagement Session


September 18, 2019


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When I first started talking to Ashleigh about her recent engagement to Mikey I could tell right away she was probably one of the sweetest people I have ever talked to. I quickly found out I was wrong. I met with Ashleigh and Mikey (and Mrs. Lisa!) in the cozy corner of a coffee shop to talk about their dreams of their upcoming wedding day and everything in between. It wasn’t until that day when we met in person I realized to call Ashleigh “sweet” was a disservice to her character – she was far more. I could immediately sense her kind and caring nature, how she loves those closest to her deeply, but mostly I could sense how she exuded Christ and how much love she had for Mikey.


While we chatted about color-schemes, timeline ideas, first looks and flowers Mikey watched quietly, interjecting with a smile when his opinion was needed. As conversation shifted from weddings to school, jobs, and life I could see that Mikey was just as kind as Ashleigh, just as caring and selfless and I could easily see the love he has for her.

I have always held the opinion that there is no such thing as “soul mates”. I do not believe that there is only one person with which you can find true love with and while I still hold firm to my belief that marriage is what you make of it, it is hard to imagine Mikey or Ashleigh with anyone else. There are very few people I have come across who fit together as perfectly as these two and I am beyond excited for their future together and being able to document all the moments of their big day!

Scroll through to see some sneak peeks of their engagement session!

  1. Betty Ann Tilson says:

    Beautiful pictures of a precious couple.

  2. Kate says:

    Such a beautiful couple and you can see their love for one another

  3. Lisa Horton says:

    When Ashleigh asked me to “tag along” with her and Mikey to their meeting with you I was a little hesitant, but she wanted to make sure she asked all the right questions and wanted me there in case she missed something. As I just sat there and listened to the conversation, there was no doubt in my mind (or their’s) that you were a perfect fit for them! A God-send for sure!

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